The easiest way to turn stuff you don't need into a good deed.

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Regardless of how much changes in the world, we believe that one thing will always remain true:

People want to help others

Here at, we work hard to make it easy for our fellow Americans to do just that: Help Others. We are committed to making the connection between people with usable items they don’t need and charities that can benefit from them.

20 Billion
lbs of clothing are thrown away in the U.S. each year!


of this clothing waste fills our landfills and can be donated and reused

Clothing Donation Drop Off Box


Through DonateStuff and its affiliates, over470,000
lbs of clothing and household items are kept from the landfill every week!

For over 50 years, DonateStuff
& its affiliates have helped raise over
for our partner charities

Whether U.S. Military veterans or handicapped children and adults, our partner charities are dedicated to assisting fellow Americans in need from all of us at, thank you for your support and partnership to turn stuff you don’t need into a good deed.

If you have any questions for the team, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

How This Works

The easy way to do so much good.


Select a charity.


Pick a day.


Put out donations for pickup.

Your donation will be picked up – and you’ll receive a tax deduction – not to mention the satisfaction of giving to a great cause.

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Still wondering how and where to donate your gently used items? DonateStuff makes it simple. We come to your door and haul it away for free. DonateStuff eliminates the hauling step, makes tidying easier and turns your donation into support for great local charities!

-Sandy C.

Had about 12 bags of clothing, shoes and household linens to donate. I got a nice reminder, and put it on my front porch, and it was picked up on the day arranged. SO easy! No carrying it around in your car until you can get to the donation centers. Getting rid of clutter made hassle free.

-Cynthia R.

Quick and friendly service! I donated over 25 boxes and they were gone within 20 minutes. Thank you!

-Lisa S.

I’ve been donating to Purple Heart for the last 15-20yrs. In the last few years they have had Donate Stuff pickup for them and we’ve had no issues with pickup dates or scheduling. We donate quite often. I’m Spring cleaning and have been scheduling pickups every week alternating between Purple Heart and Amvets. We support our Vets and help out how we can.

-Lisa O.

For all of you that are Spring cleaning or having garage sales… don’t throw anything away! I highly recommend; they support local charities and will pick-up from your house. I made an appointment, placed my boxes, bins, bags and small furniture items on the front porch last night and they were at the house around noon and took everything. Great service! I still have a lot more to go through and will definitely arrange another donation/pick-up when I’m prepared.

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