Pickup Service Questions

  • What happens to the donations?
    1. Donations are sold in bulk to soft goods recyclers- where they are sorted and graded for resale. This helps in three ways:
      1. Provides employment for members of your community
      2. Enables many less fortunate people to purchase good clothing and household items at a greatly reduced price.
      3. Provides funds for the AMVETS National Service Foundation.
  • Where does the money go?
    1. The proceeds from the bulk sale of household discards goes to the AMVETS to support service programs dedicated to the well-being al all U.S. veterans and their survivors, the fostering of patriotism, and sponsorship of programs for community betterment.
  • General Questions

    1. Will I get a tax receipt? The AMVETS professional driver will leave a tax receipt at your house where there is a donation. All donated items are deductible from your income tax at their Fair Market Value. It is up to you, not AMVETS, to determine the Fair Market Value of the donated items. The government advises that the Fair Market value is the price which a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept.
    2. Do I have to be home for the pick-up? NO! Just leave the donation outside your front door by 8am. Please make sure all of the packages/donations are marked for AMVETS. This ensures that the driver knows what packages are meant to be donations.
    3. What if the weather is bad? AMVETS will pick up in any weather condition, provided safe vehicle operation. If we need to cancel your pick-up, we will notify you as soon as possible by telephone with a rescheduled date.
    4. How often do you come in my area? Every 4-6 weeks.
    5. Why don't you come into my area? At this time, we only have so many route trucks available for the pick-up service. Since we are continually changing and updating our pick-up areas, it is possible that we will be able to offer our front door pick-up service to you at some time in the future. Until that time, we welcome your donations at one of our drop off locations.