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How This Works

Why drop off at Goodwill when we will come pick it up from your front door? Free pickup AND supporting great nonprofits in need is a WIN-WIN!


Select a charity.


Pick a day.


Put out donations for pickup.

Your donation will be picked up – and you’ll receive a tax deduction – not to mention the satisfaction of giving to a great cause.

Who Benefits from My Donations?

We partner with reputable charities in the regions we serve. When we drop off your donations, it shows we support their worthwhile missions. In Minnesota, we are proud partners with The Purple Heart Foundation of Minneapolis.

The Purple Heart Foundation

Veterans coming home can face emotional, medical and financial challenges. The Purple Heart Foundation’s mission is to lessen these trials. Purple Heart Foundation supports veterans and their families through grants and outreach programs to support combat veterans, promote patriotism, and provide service to all veterans and their families.

Where to Donate in Minneapolis

There’s only one Minneapolis drop off location – and that’s your front door!

DonateStuff makes it easy for residents of Minneapolis to turn stuff they don’t need into a good deed. Just place your gently used household items and clothing at your front door. We’ll pick them up and they’ll provide valuable support to your chosen local charity.

Which Minneapolis zip codes do you service?

We service all of the zip codes listed here:

  • 55416
  • 55424
  • 55426
  • 55405
  • 55411
  • 55416
  • 55422
  • 55426
  • 55427

What can I donate?

We accept gently-used items that a single person can carry: clothing, shoes, coats, purses, linens, athletic equipment and small home goods. Sorry, no TVs, large appliances, cribs, carseats, or mattresses and boxsprings.

Donations Type Logos - shirt, shoes, pants, dress, coat, household items, purses

- Sandy C.

Had about 12 bags of clothing, shoes, and household linens to donate. I got a nice reminder, and put it on my front porch, and it was picked up on the day arranged. SO easy! No carrying it around in your car until you can get to the donation centers. Getting rid of clutter made hassle free!

- Cynthia R.

Quick and friendly service! I donated over 25 boxes and they were gone within 20 minutes. Thank you!

Schedule Your FREE Donation Pick Up Today!

Still wondering how and where to donate in Minneapolis?

DonateStuff makes it simple. We come to your door and haul it away for free. DonateStuff eliminates the hauling step, makes tidying easier and turns your donation into support for great Minneapolis charities!

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