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    • AMVETS
    • 3833 East Prospect Street
    • Indianapolis, IN 46203
    • (317) 353-8140
At, we have a little motto that informs our work each and every day: make it easy to turn stuff you don't need into a good deed. And for Indianapolis residents, this is especially true. We’ve partnered with AMVETS, a nationally recognized 501 (c)3 certified non-profit, to make it easy for you to donate your old stuff to this worthy cause. Through this website, you can donate clothing and other household discards to AMVETS Clothing Donation Program. Your donation helps make it possible for AMVETS to provide not only support for veterans and the active military in procuring their earned entitlements, but also community services that enhances the quality of life for this nation's citizens. How does it work? In keeping with our dedication to simplicity, we’ve established free home pickup services. Indianapolis residents just need to look up their zip code and schedule an AMVETS donation today. Your AMVETS Indianapolis program will ensure your donations go to good use. In addition, your passion for good can actually be good for your wallet and the earth, too. That’s right - not only are our services always free, but you can also deduct your home pick up donation on your taxes -- up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Plus, when you donate your old clothes, books, jewelry, or even small appliances you are keeping them out of the landfills. Instead, your discarded items will be recycled or donated. Just in the last 12 months, we’ve picked up 25 million pounds of clothing and home goods destined for the landfill.

We Pick Up

Clothing & Accessories
Clothing & Accessories
Jewerly, Shoes, Purses, Hats
Household Items
Household Items
Pictures, Mirrors, Tools, Toys, Kitchenware
Bedding and Linens
Bedding and Linens
Blankets, Drapes/Curtains, Pillows, Rags, Sewing Scraps, Sleeping Bags
Furniture & Appliances
Furniture & Appliances
Small Furniture, Small Appliances, Irons, Radios, TV’s, Lamps, Hairdryers, Etc.

We DO NOT Pick Up

  • Large Furniture
  • Large Appliances
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Car Seats
  • Cribs
  • Mattresses