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Your Donation Benefits these Northeast Ohio Nonprofits

Sure, it feels good to get rid of your perfectly good but no longer needed items such as gently used clothing, small household appliances and other functioning home goods. But it feels even better knowing that DonateStuff picks up your donation for free, then turns your generosity into support for northeast Ohio nonprofits that truly make a positive difference in people’s lives.

When you schedule your online pickup appointment, you will be asked to select which of these organizations you want your donation to benefit:

Lupus Foundation of American

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland

Big Brothers Big Sisters is the oldest, largest one-to-one mentoring organization in the country that works with volunteers, parents and families to create one-to-one mentoring relationships that defend, inspire and empower the potential that lives within every kid. DonateStuff partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland in northeast Ohio.

Lupus Foundation of American

Lupus Foundation of America

Dedicated to improving lives affected by lupus through research, education, support and advocacy. The efforts of the Lupus Foundation of America have stimulated advances in lupus research. DonateStuff partners with organizations in northeast Ohio and Cincinnati.

Lupus Foundation of American

Rise In Love Center

Provides immediate resources (financial, education, employment, food, shelter) for individuals and families, helping them rise above their suffering. DonateStuff partners with organizations in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Where to Donate in Northeast Ohio

While you can find many donation dropoff points, the simplest and easiest place to donate is your own front door.

DonateStuff offers FREE pickup to residents in greater Cleveland and Akron and other communities in Cuyahoga, Summit, and Portage counties. 

Donate Stuff in Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Chicago - Map

So never mind lugging your bags and boxes to your car and then to some parking lot bin or the back of a warehouse. Your front door is as far as you need to go. Schedule a pickup online and the DonateStuff truck or van will whisk away your generous donations.

Your space will be decluttered and cleaned up. Not only that, a nonprofit organization in your community will benefit. It’s a win-win situation all you have to do is choose your own front door in Ohio as the donation location. Plus – it’s tax deductible!

What can I donate?

DonateStuff makes it easy to be rid of your unwanted, gently-used household items and clothing. We pick it up – and your donation benefits local nonprofits! DonateStuff accepts these gently used items:

Donations Type Logos - shirt, shoes, pants, dress, coat, household items, purses


All sizes of gently worn clothing, shoes and accessories for ladies, men, children and babies, including shirts/blouses, pants, dresses, coats/jackets, undergarments, sweaters, sweatshirts, footwear, purses, hats, belts and jewelry, plus suits and sportcoats.


We welcome mildly used bedding, blankets, drapes, curtains, rugs, towels, pillows, and sleeping bags. DonateStuff also accepts pots, pans, cups, glasses, dishware, silverware, small (working) household appliances, tools, art, frames and other home decor.


We accept clean, lightly used toys and children’s items like stuffed animals, dolls/action figures, board games, tricycles, bicycles and sports equipment.


DonateStuff welcomes working stereos, radios, Wii, Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, tablets, computers, laptops, monitors, DVD players, and small (easily liftable) working TVs.


We are looking for easy-to-lift and transport nightstands, headboards, office chairs, small filing cabinets and other light home items.


Help us find a new home for your gently used books (of all genres), musical instruments, microwaves, blenders, toasters, coffee makers, and almost anything else.


Schedule Your FREE Donation Pick Up Today!

What’s your next step? It’s simple. Schedule your donation pickup. DonateStuff then comes to your door and takes it away for free. DonateStuff eliminates the hauling step, makes tidying easier and turns your donation into support for awesome Ohio charities!

-Sandy C.

Had about 12 bags of clothing, shoes and household linens to donate. I got a nice reminder, and put it on my front porch, and it was picked up on the day arranged. SO easy! No carrying it around in your car until you can get to the donation centers. Getting rid of clutter made hassle free.

-Cynthia R.

Quick and friendly service! I donated over 25 boxes and they were gone within 20 minutes. Thank you!

-Lisa S.

I’ve been donating to Purple Heart for the last 15-20yrs. In the last few years they have had Donate Stuff pickup for them and we’ve had no issues with pickup dates or scheduling. We donate quite often. I’m Spring cleaning and have been scheduling pickups every week alternating between Purple Heart and Amvets. We support our Vets and help out how we can.

-Lisa O.

For all of you that are Spring cleaning or having garage sales… don’t throw anything away! I highly recommend Donatestuff.com; they support local charities and will pick-up from your house. I made an appointment, placed my boxes, bins, bags and small furniture items on the front porch last night and they were at the house around noon and took everything. Great service! I still have a lot more to go through and will definitely arrange another donation/pick-up when I’m prepared.

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