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Netflix has people (serenely) bulldozing their closets….

Netflix has people (serenely) bulldozing their closets, and thrift stores are riding the wave
Updated 8:31 AM EST January 12, 2019

Do you have too much stuff? Is your house a loosely-joined collection of garbage piles among which you tread, as dazed and rudderless as a possum in a landfill? Are you tied to your material possessions because you have chosen to fill the empty parts in your life with consumerism and thus your soul is scattered among promotional t-shirts and expired tubes of body lotion?
Are you, dare we say it…
On New Year’s Day, Netflix released the series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” a minimalist home/life improvement show based on the wildly popular 2014 book “The Life Changing Book of Tidying Up” and starring the book’s author, Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo.
Needless to say, the whole experience has plunged people down their own personal trash chutes of existential crises. And thrift shops and used book stores are reaping the benefits. (Read more…)