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The Epilepsy Foundation of Texas is partnering with

New Partnerships
Starting now! The Epilepsy Foundation of Texas is partnering with to announce their new free home pickup service for Clothing, Shoes, and Home goods throughout the greater Houston area.
This program is a free and easy way for you to support the Epilepsy Foundation Texas, tax-deductible donation pickup service.
Spring cleaning has never been easier with, convenient program.
Simply visit and Choose EFTX as your charity.
Step 1: Schedule your donation pickup.
Step 2: Clean out your closet, basement, and garage, and place the items outside your front door on your pickup day.
Step 3: will pick up your items and turn stuff you don’t need, into a good deed!
Everyone has stuff in their closets they no longer use or need and 85% of clothing gets thrown away into a landfill. With this program, you can help us lead the fight to overcome the challenges of epilepsy while reducing waste in our community.
Please support the Epilepsy Foundation Texas today by scheduling your free pick-up now for the Greater Houston area and DFW coming soon.
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