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Jan 9, 2018

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Partner Charities

Partner Charities
Donatestuff.com is proud to work with several nationally recognized 501(c)3 certified Non-profit organizations that support Americans in need.

Purple Heart, Amvets, Lupus Foundation, Rise in Love, Big Brothers Big Sisters

AMVETS Illinois is proud to become an important part of the DonateStuff.com community.

As of January 2018, all traffic from AMVETSpickup.com website will now be able to the simply schedule future donations with the easy to use DonateStuff.com site. We are very excited to have the upgraded look and easy to use interface for making those important donations for our American Veterans.

Please help us meet our goals for 2018 to make this the best year ever for AMVETS Illinois by scheduling a donation today.

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