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Turn Stuff You Don't Need Into A Good Deed

About Donate Stuff

How would you like to turn the stuff you don’t need into a good deed? is here to help you out! Regardless of how much the world changes, we believe one fact will always remain true: People want to help others. Whether it is by lending a helping hand, dropping off clothes for those in need, or donating stuff they do not use anymore, humans will always be there for each other. works hard to make it easy for our fellow Americans to do what they do best. We are an organization willing to pick up donations and offer free home pickup services for people who live nearby. If you are not nearby, we offer a wonderful online donation service giving you the ability to send in items through a pre-paid UPS mailbag. Just fill out your information and voilà, a donation bag will be on its way to you!

We are committed to making strong connections between people with usable items they don’t need and charities that can benefit from them. By donating through you truly are turning stuff you don’t need into a good deed!

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Partner Charities is proud to work with several nationally recognized 501(c)3 certified Non-profit organizations that support Americans in need.