3 Reasons to Choose a Free Donation Pickup Service

Mar 2, 2022

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Partner Charities

Partner Charities
Donatestuff.com is proud to work with several nationally recognized 501(c)3 certified Non-profit organizations that support Americans in need.

Purple Heart, Amvets, Lupus Foundation, Rise in Love, Big Brothers Big Sisters

3 Reasons to Choose a Free Donation Pickup Service

As time goes on, we all accumulate stuff that we no longer need. Our unwanted stuff often creates clutter and takes up valuable space. The question is: What do you do with it? Do you have a garage sale? Throw it in the trash? Hall it to a donation site? 

The easiest answer: Donate it to DonateStuff.com, so you can turn your trash into someone’s treasure–and benefit a local charity in the process. If you’re ready to donate your unwanted items, here are a few reasons to choose a FREE pickup directly from your home with DonateStuff.com.

Ease of Donating a Variety of Items

Especially when you’re doing a big clean out, having a pickup from your home can be a big timesaver. If you have gently-used clothing, kitchen items, books, sporting equipment or toys, you simply package them up and DonateStuff.com picks it up from your home. We accept a variety of items and then get them out of your hair–and into the hands of someone who needs them.

Choose the Charity You Benefit

When you schedule a pickup with DonateStuff.com, you can choose a local charity to support. We’re proud to say that DonateStuff.com and our affiliates have helped raise over $79,850,000 for our partner charities in the last 50 years.

Safe, Contactless Pickup

With DonateStuff.com, you don’t have to interact with anyone to get rid of your unwanted stuff. Not only is pickup FREE for you, our process is completely safe and contact-free. You simply put your donation by your front door, our team picks it up, and we leave you a receipt that includes a tax deduction form for you to process when you complete taxes. 

Southeast Michigan & Other Pick Up Locations

DonateStuff.com currently serves the greater metropolitan areas of Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Houston, and Northern Connecticut and we’re exploring opportunities in more locations nationwide. You can see if your area is served by using our easy online pickup scheduler or by viewing our service area map.

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