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Donating Used Toys

Your How-to Guide on Donating Used Toys

If you’re getting bogged down with too much stuff and struggling with overflowing storage space, you aren’t alone. Cleaning out closets, the basement or the attic is the last thing most of us want to do. Plus, where do you get started? We suggest looking at how much storage space is being taken up by one of the usual suspects: Old toys. 

Particularly as children grow, old toys often end up getting packed away and can take up a great deal of space. Some of those toys may be passed down as heirlooms or given to other children in your life, but if you’re ready to give your old toys a new home, this guide can help.

And remember, donating your gently used toys is a great way to make sure they aren’t taking up space in your home or a landfill—and the toys get to have a second life with a new child. 

How to Prepare Your Donation

Once you sort out the toys you would like to keep, it’s time to clean and sanitize them. Some soft toys like stuffed animals can be run through a washing machine. It’s typically smart to put them into a garment bag to avoid damage. Otherwise, wipe them clean with soap and water, and do the same with any plastic toys. 

Check the toys over to make sure they aren’t broken or missing parts, and remove old batteries. It’s also a good idea to see if there have been any recalls on the toys you donate. 

Types of Toys DonateStuff Accepts

We accept a wide variety of gently used toys and children’s items including, but not limited to:

  • Stuff animals
  • Dolls and action figures
  • Toy cars and trains
  • Electronic games and systems
  • Board games
  • Coloring and activity books
  • Tricycles and bicycles
  • Outdoor and sports equipment
  • Building blocks and Legos

How Donation Works with DonateStuff

We know that cleaning out clutter is hard work. That’s why we make donating your unwanted toys easy. Just three easy steps and you’ll get rid of your old stuff—and do some good in the process.

#1 Choose a Charity 

We partner with local charities that are doing good in your area, and you can pick the one you’d like to benefit from your generosity.

#2 Schedule Your Pickup

Choose a date in our scheduling system to determine the best pickup day for you. On the scheduled date, we pick up your donation and leave a receipt that includes a tax deduction form for tax time. 

#3 Put Out Your Donation

Leave your donation bags or boxes at your front door, and write DONATESTUFF on them all—and we’ll take it from there. 

Get Started Today currently serves the greater metropolitan areas of Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Houston, and Northern Connecticut and we’re exploring opportunities in more locations nationwide. You can see if your area is served by using our easy online pickup scheduler or by viewing our service area map.