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Best Places to Donate to

Best Places to Donate To

Donating unneeded items is a win for the donor, the organization that receives the donation and the person who receives the gently used items. But knowing the best place to donate isn’t easy; how can you ensure that your items will help those you want to support and that you’ll have a positive donation experience? Before donating to an organization, make sure you research them and understand how their donation process works and how your items are used. 

Learn more about which type of donation service is best suited for your needs, from traditional drop offs at a fixed location to home pickups that offer maximum convenience when looking to declutter and rid your home of items you no longer need.

Where to Donate Clothing 

Donating clothing is one of the most common ways to declutter a space and benefit worthy causes. You’ve probably seen large clothing donation dropoff boxes in parking lots or other high-traffic locations.These can be helpful if you know where they are and have one close to you, but if you live in a more rural area or one that doesn’t have many dropoff boxes, they aren’t the best option.

You can also donate gently used clothing to local organizations in your area. These are often smaller organizations that help a specific community, but they’re less likely to offer donation pickups, meaning you need to spend time driving to their location in order to donate. 

Larger organizations that serve more than one area are another option when deciding where to donate clothing. With a larger service footprint and more resources, they offer the freedom to have your donation picked up from your home. 

How to Donate Clothes

If you’re not sure how to donate clothing, three methods for getting rid of items you no longer need: in-person drop offs, dropoff boxes and donation pickups. A drop off ensures that your donated items are handled with care and get to their destination. However, donating at a specific location requires boxing or bagging your clothing, getting to that location during its hours of operation and hauling items to and from your car.

Donation dropoff boxes eliminate the need to visit a physical location during business hours, but come with other drawbacks. Donations may not be picked up the same day or even the same week and items placed inside these boxes aren’t as secure. 

Donation pickup services combine the best aspects of these two options, ensuring your items are picked up in a secure manner without you having to take your donations anywhere. They also allow you to avoid the hassle of transporting items yourself.

Where to Donate Electronics

Generally, charities that take donations of electronics accept items that are clean and in good condition. These organizations typically require that devices must work, and nothing donated can be broken or missing parts. Because of the nature of the donated items and the fact that they can be damaged by rain, snow and cold, donating used electronics isn’t as easy as donating clothing. 

When donating any type of electronic device, be sure to check with an organization to confirm whether or not they accept the type of items you have. Some accept smaller electronic devices, but not bigger ones, such as large flat-screen televisions.

Where to Donate Books 

Many of the same organizations that accept clothing and electronics also accept donations of used books. In addition to local and national donation services, local thrift stores and libraries are options for getting rid of books you no longer need. These options come with some of the same hassles as donating other types of items, namely having to box up and transport donated items to a specific location during business hours. A donation pickup service eliminates these concerns and means the furthest you have to haul your used books is your porch.

The Benefits of Donating 

Donating clothing, electronics, books and other unneeded items has many benefits in addition to decluttering your space. Opt for a donation service that allows you to choose which charitable organization your donation will support – including charities for veterans, students, animals or another cause that is close to your heart.

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