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Goodwill & Other Donation Charities

Goodwill & Other Donation Charities

There are many donation charities on the market for those looking to declutter and organize their home or workplace while also benefiting people in need. Goodwill donations can be helpful in getting rid of items you no longer need and supporting causes like Habitat for Humanity is a good way to have a positive impact on your community. But what if you could benefit your community and do it with a few taps on a screen? 

How Goodwill Benefits Charities

Goodwill Industries store revenues provide retail jobs by selling your unwanted clothes. However, when you donate items to Goodwill Industries, you don’t have the opportunity to decide which charity you want to support using proceeds from the sale of those items. You also have to lug your donation to your vehicle, spend time and gas driving to the nearest Goodwill donation center – during its hours of operation – and carry your items inside. While your donations do benefit good causes, donating isn’t as easy as it could be.

How DonateStuff Benefits Charities is a great alternative to other donation services. We partner with a wide range of local charities in the communities we serve and offer donors the chance to select the charity they want to support. Our family of charity partners includes organizations that assist veterans, pets, individuals with disabilities and kids. When you donate your clothing, small appliances, sports equipment, books and more, those items bring much-needed help and hope to those served by these great non-profit organizations.

Convenience of Pickup Donations

Cleaning out a space and getting rid of unneeded items can be a hassle. It’s why we so often put it off, knowing how much time and effort it will require to sort through everything stored in a spare room, garage or attic. But that’s only part of the battle; you still have to get rid of the items you no longer need once you’re done cleaning. Donating them is a great option, but with many donation services, you have to haul your items to a specific location during a specific time window in order to donate. is the superior choice for not only donating unneeded items, but doing so in the most convenient way possible. Rather than you having to drop off your donation, we pick it up for you. Using our website or simple text/SMS scheduling process, setting up your donation pickup is quick and hassle-free. Simply enter your zip code to confirm that we offer pickup service in your area, choose the local charity you want to support and then view available pickup dates and times.

Once you’ve chosen your day and time, submit your information and you’ll receive a confirmation message. You’ll also receive a reminder message prior to your pickup and on your pickup day, just set your items outside in a clearly visible location with a note marking them as donations. Our helpful drivers will take it from there, picking up your items and hauling them away. If you need to reschedule your pickup, just let us know and we’ll help you find a new date and time.

DonateStuff Curb Pickup Near You is proud to offer FREE home pickup for residents in communities across Southeast Michigan, Greater Dallas, Greater Houston, Eastern Massachusetts, Northeast Ohio and Northern Connecticut. Towns like Birmingham, Southfield, Royal Oak, Plano, Sugarland, Framingham, Solon and many, many more! Our donation pickup drivers provide curb pickup services, simplifying the donation process for those we serve. Visit to schedule your pickup today and turn things you don’t need into a good deed!